Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Lovin Laos

In a few words (because the internet is slow and expesive) Laos was fantastic. "Laos" is pronounced "Lao" for those of you who have never been. After taking a two day boat ride from Chiang Mai into Luang Prabang, we had a solid group of about 8 people to tour around town with. Friends from Germany, Holland, England, and New Zeland. Luang Prabang was very beautiful-a french colonial feel beside a river and rolling green hills. The Lao people are the most laid back of the southeast asian people. Everything takes a bit longer there, but once you get used to it, the pace is actually quite peaceful.

We hiked up to LP's famous water fall (pictured) and dove in its watering holes. From LP we took a bus to Viang Vieng, a very small, undeveloped town filled with backpackers. In VV we rock climbed up to about 80 feet out doors and about 50 feet up in an enormous cave, where Vietnamese refugees lived during the war. We also tubed down the mekong river, which was absurd. Essentially, there are bars every few hundred or so meters where you can jump or rope swing into the river (and drink beers, etc). We loved the swings. One time Tre slipped off a zip line up around 30 feet and back-flopped into the water. The crowd loved it. Both the climbing and tubing were highlights of the trip.

After an amazing time in Laos, we headed back to Thailand, but of course, there had to be some sort of traveling set-back. In this case, our bus was in a head-on collision with a concrete truck. Luckily nobody was hurt and it only put us back two hours. It was actually kind of a thrill.


At 10:37 AM, Blogger Davide said...

You guys are killing me. Those pics are incredible. I will have to pick your brains on all of these amazing locations. Keep the blog up. It is my vicarious lifeline



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