Saturday, April 08, 2006

You know you've taken a bus in SE Asia when...

1. You're sweating so much it feels like you just took a shower in your clothes.

2. You're on an overnight bus and your driver pulls over at 4:30 am to fight the guy on the motorbike who just cut you off.

3. You're hit on by several Vietnamese men at the back of the bus. Example #1: Tre woke up with a hand in his lap and a head on his shoulder. Example #2: There are about 15 seats open on an overnight bus and a Vietnamese guy asks Tre if he can sit next to him. They can't get enough of tall, blonde haired western men over here!

4. The bus stops every two hours so the driver can sit in a hammock and smoke a few stogies.

5. Every local on the bus is blaring their cell phone radio--generally either awful American pop remixes or video games.

6. It takes 22 hours to drive 600 miles.

7. The driver packs the aisles with the luggage, making the bus even more of a death trap. (see below)


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