Thursday, March 09, 2006

In The Beginning

Welcome to Garret and Ryan's travel journal documenting our work at the Winter Olympics and journey south through the tuscan countryside. For those readers unfamiliar with the two of us here is a bit of background.

On a warm sunny day on Greece's famous Vougliameni peninsula Garret and Ryan met to work as NBC Olympic Client program guides. After days of Uzo and Souvlaki, a friendship was established and potential plans for another round of Olympic games were born. Garret and Ryan decided to continue their careers at NBC/GE by heading to Torino, Italy this past February.

Garret, operating under the alias of Tre, just graduated in December 2005 from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in political science and a minor in hotel turnover logistics. He was brought aboard the NBC/GE Olympic staff as the Senior Guide and Turnover Captain, primarily for his expertise in Hotal Turnover logistics.

Ryan Arnold, operating under the alias Gino Panino, lives and works in Chicago and has a passion for Sicilian blood oranges and hunting cinghiali (italian for wild boar). As an NBC/GE Senior Guide he specialized in the airport security. Details included the ingress and egress of our clients in a swift and safe manner.

Due to the strenous hours of our work days in Torino, we were unable to keep daily log of the events, but we've decided to include some of our fond memories and anecdotes before moving on to the rest of our travels. We hope all our colleauges and guests will read this blog at some point and contribute their memories. The rest of the journal documents our exploration of the rest of Italy, which includes cities and villages such as Bardonecchia, Sienna, Bologna and everything in between.

Despite the fact that we have left our loved ones back home we will always be thinking of you.


At 11:36 AM, Blogger the grand puba said...

Sono molto contento di aver ricevuto l'invitazione "VIP" a vedere questo sito eccezionale. Grazie ancora Ryan oppure Signore Gino Panino. In bocca lupo con la caccia del cingiale. Lo so che ce la fai.
Keep me informed of your asian exploits as well. COD

At 9:58 PM, Blogger Christopher Loftus said...

Looks great guys! Have a fantastic trip! I hope you sleep on the plane?
Your Friend


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