Thursday, March 23, 2006

First things first - get to the beaches

Tre and I thought we were rock stars walking along the streets of Pattaya - it's hard not to when women are throwing themselves at you and calling Tre: "handsome man". Pattaya is a small city 2 hours south of Bangkok. I would recommend Pattaya to older, desperate men, so needless to say it wasn't our favorite spot! We bounced as soon as possible.

After a 3 hour trek east we found ourselves on the island of Ko Samet. This was the spot! Ko Samet is a small island about 1 hr. from the mainland. The island consists of about 7 beaches on the eastern side of the island and one on the west side of the island. We decided to stay Ao Phiu, known for its gorgeous beach and backpacker population.

The fun began as soon as we checked into our Bungalow at the Naga bungalows.

We immediately met up with an international crew: people from England, Finland, Israel, Australia, France, Malta, Holland and Sweden. The crew was led by Tony, the godfather, an Englishmen whom everyone seemed to know. Each night all got together Thai BBQ and drinks on the beach. We learned a ton about our new friends, and made some solid improvements to our travel plans. We're going to rendevous with Tony and another friend, Dutch Matilda, in Chiang mai for the Budda New Year in three weeks.


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