Monday, March 13, 2006

The City of Smiles

Bangkok, Thailand has been called by some the "city of smiles." After spending two days here, we are firm in our agreement. Thais are such kind people, always willing to help American goons like ourselves. Overall, the initial Asia experience has been positive. We're staying with amazing friends, the Katona-Apte's who are the aunt and uncle of one of Tre's LA friends, Karly Katona. In the pictures you'll see Muhadev Apte and Judit Katona-Apte and their son's family Sharad and Apple Apte, with their two boys, Casino (big smile above) and Vegas (below, pictured with Sharad and Apple).

The prices here are unreal: Lunch - one dollar, Dinner - four dollars, Feeding an elephant -- 50 cents, Thai massage - 10 dollars (90 minutes!), Conversation with the cab drivers - priceless! I'm a little bitter because there was only one masseuse onsite trained in the art of the oil massage - and Tre quickly called her! I had to settle for the traditional thai massage, which was excellent nonetheless.

The traditional Hungarian dinner that Judit cooked for us was nothing less than amazing. The only meal in Thailand that is enjoyed while sitting down in a group is lunch, everything else is on the go, street food. Hungarian prefer to have dinner together as a family and we were lucky enough to experience one. We highly recommend Hungarian dumplings (basically a variation on Gnocchi).

We will be back in Bangkok to visit our friends and see more of the city a few times throughout the course of our journey. We're off to Pattaya Beach and Ko Sumat island for the next few days.


At 7:05 AM, Blogger julibean77 said...

I am so glad you guys forwarded this to me!

You know how much I think you all ROCK for doing this!

Good Luck and I will definitely be reading this blog!

Love Always,

And to everyone else who comes on here to read this....
I miss all you guys!!!!! You made my first Olympic experience AWESOME!!!!! Hugs and Kisses!!! Juli

At 10:41 AM, Blogger Davide said...

I am so jealous that you guys are doing this. Seeing the Thai people brings back so many memories.

Tre, your mean dance moves are some of the highlights of "What a long, strange trip it's been: Chronicles of a NBC host"

Tre, of course you got the oily massage, the question lies, was it an oily massage in PakPaong?




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